• What are cookies?

    Cookies are small files that remember your browsing preferences when you surf the Internet and store them on your own computer.

    What do cookies do?

    Cookies have several features. First, they help you when you surf the Internet, remembering your login details, your password, the contents of your shopping cart and your preferences, such as the language chosen. Internet sites also use cookies to calculate the number of visitors who come to the site or to see which section of the site is the most popular. In addition, cookies record the websites you visit to evaluate your interests. With this information, advertisers and the website administrator can show you the ads that interest you the most. In addition, cookies prevent you from seeing the same ad.

    Influence4You and cookies

    Here is an overview of the cookies that Influence4You uses.

    a. The necessary and functional cookies
    Cookies are necessary and are essentially provided for the purpose of performing the communication. For example, consider the detection of data loss. Functional cookies are intended to help you as a user (as long as the necessary cookies are used for that). For example, think about statistics and remembering your language preferences.

    b. Performance cookies
    Influence4You exchange for the needs of its websites internal information with your computer to make you use of the sites easier. For this we use cookies called performance cookies. The information collected gives us the opportunity to improve and optimize the user’s navigation. Thanks to this information, the websites of Influence4You will be able to better understand and be closer to the user. It also gives us the opportunity to test the new features of the websites under certain groups of users.

    c. Advertising performance cookies
    Advertising performance cookies provide the opportunity for website administrators, advertisers and the media office to measure the results of an advertising campaign. These cookies are also used to prevent a user from seeing the same advertisement several times over a day. (Google Analytics: _ga, _gid)

    d. Profiling cookies
    Profiling cookies are intended to retain the browsing behavior (only on the site where the profiling cookies originate ) from the user. These cookies are used by site administrators, advertiser networks, media offices and advertisers. Through these navigation behaviors, we can measure certain (general) assumptions, such as the age or gender of the person, and some of the content or advertisements will be determined. (Inspeclet: __insp_norec_sess, __insp_nv, __insp_slim, __insp_targlpt, __insp_targlpu, __insp_wid | HubSpot: __hssrc, __hstc, hubspotutk, messagesUtk)

    What happens if I refuse or delete cookies?

    If you delete the cookies that retain your preferences, you will have to give each time passwords, login, etc.

    Unsubscribe ?

    You can uninstall the cookies advertisers and administrators of websites use, by visiting the site You can also decide which companies can retain your browsing behavior. Cookies that retain your data such as password or other preferences, you can uninstall them via your browser.


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