UNAMEDIA is a large network platform of influencers across varying industries and categories. Our business solution is designed to help brands and top influencers connect to create content together.

UNAMEDIA is the interacting social media platforms by well- known personalities in different fields to selling products and services. The system works with different brands to help both parties reach certain objectives.

Influencers will get to work with a team of creative marketing professionals and brands to create the best, most successful live selling campaigns. With our platform and influencer network, we have a wider number of opportunities to collaborate with the brands in your personality way.

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  • Una media is not only an Internet delivery agency, but also provides influencers to high net worth events such as super car events, NFT opportunities, and cocktail parties to enrich the Internet celebrity social circle.

  • Helping Internet celebrities build their own brand with over 100 producers, manufacturers, and designers. You’re sure to find the product perfect for you.

  • The world's most professional live- streaming training company

  • Are you a social media influencer looking to break into the NFT landscape? AirNFTs is the perfect place to be! We are committed to providing active (and passive) ways for influencers to earn crypto with their large community.0

  • Through the network of partners with Una media, we are dedicated to providing funding to our most innovative creators.

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