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  • What is Live-Stream Shopping?

  • What is Live-Stream Shopping? To put it simply, livestream shopping offers the ability to demonstrate and ultimately advertise products to a live, online audience that can interact in that live experience. Promoters directly interact with the customers through an online video, chat or other features. Because it is live, it reduces possibility of manipulation of imagery and settings – allowing the audience to trust confidently in the brand. Similarly, to physical retail, brands are able to develop inter-personal relationships with their customers. They are able to immerse themselves without the time pressure with the guidance of live-stream shopping. Not only do brands build relationships and increase sales, but audiences are also entertained and engaged. Further proving why livestream shopping is taking the e-commerce world by storm.

  • The Introduction of Live-Streaming in the UK and the US?

  • The Introduction of Live-Streaming in the UK and the US? Platforms in Europe and America, such as Facebook and Amazon have already implemented livestream shopping into their branding. Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram Shopping are growing channels. Over at Amazon, they have released “Amazon Live” where products are being livestreamed 24/7 in multiple different categories. Forbes claims Amazon Live as the “Future of E-Commerce.” Kiri Masters states that Amazon Live, “will play a significant role in online shopping going forward. We see it already at scale in China, and marketers and influencers alike in the US have embraced the platform, of which Amazon is currently kingmaker.” She goes on further to say that Amazon have “jumped in” to this trend of e-commerce, showing these brands as leaders of the future.

  • Livestreaming e-commerce is growing rapidly.  It’s estimated to already be $60 billion annually. Last year over 430 million people, about 30% of China’s population, viewed livestreams, and in 2020, it’s projected to reach 560 million, or around 39%.  Sales from live streams are expected to grow more than 100% in 2020 vs. 2019 to almost 9% of all online retail sales.  In 2019 approximately 37% of China’s online shoppers made livestream purchases.  While it has been driven by Gen-Z and Millennials, middle-aged Chinese and seniors are jumping on the trend.  

How does it work?


Submit your brief by choosing the social networks that suit you (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Blog, consumer opinion campaigns, etc.), the types of influencers who can apply, and specify what you expect from influencers. Indicate whether you want to send products, vouchers, or pay influencers. You decide and we support you every step of the way!
The influencers apply and you have access to all their statistics (fake followers with HypeAuditor, engagement, type of community, brief respect, audience quality, participation motivation ...) and you chose those with whom you want to collaborate. If in doubt, you can chat live with them. In short, YOU choose the influencers who correspond to you in all transparency!
Influencers publish requested posts. You can then verify that they match your brief. It’s simple: the brief is the central element of your project and influencers know they are rated according to brief compliance!
The end of campaign report is generated automatically and updated in real time. Number of reached followers, engagement, EMV, number of clicks, affected populations ... everything is clear to monitor the performance of your campaign!


Influencer Relationship Management
Access 100 million profiles worldwide thanks to a powerful search engine on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. Consult their audience statistics, in particular HypeAuditor information to find out the percentage of fake followers. Also take advantage of our chrome plugin to have statistics directly by browsing Instagram, YouTube or TikTok and add influencers to your castings in one click!
Manage your castings, share them internally or with your clients with a “Trello” view of your project. Contact influencers via their personal email to offer them your campaign or publish your brief on the platform to have direct applications.
Have your contracts (image rights of, briefs and reciprocal commitments) signed to influencers or their agent.
Manage key dates and project tasks to make sure you stick to your timings.
Track your influencer budgets and external expenses (travel, production, media buying ...) and your margin (if you are an agency) to have financial control of the operation.
Generate your report easily to measure the performance of your campaign on all social networks, export it in PDF with one click.

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